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Euphoria Spring Temptation Perfume by Calvin Klein – Review

This is a review of the Euphoria Spring Temptation perfume, a perfume fragrance for women by Calvin Klein.

The Euphoria Spring Temptation perfume by Calvin Klein was intended to be an irresistible limited edition scent. The fragrance is a captivating way for anyone to bask in true euphoria. The Euphoria Spring Temptation scent combines some truly lush fruits with a sensual and floral heart, creating a new interpretation of the signature Calvin Klein Euphoria fragrance. The Euphoria Spring Temptation perfume notes unfold with pear blossom, guava leaf, pink lily and dewy violet. In addition, the scent has a certain sensuality that comes through in frosted musk, white sandalwood and amber. This is an irresistible temptation for spring!

Notable Notes: The most notable notes in this perfume include Musk, Guava Leaf, Fluid Waterfall Accord, Dewy Violet, White Sandalwood, Pink Lily, Amber, and Pear Blossom.

Recommended Use: The Euphoria Spring Temptation perfume is the kind of perfume you can wear all day long, from a playful day at the beach to a night out on the town.

Many of us were looking for the Euphoria Spring Temptation perfume when Euphoria Blossom came out, making it an excellent addition to the Euphoria line. Suppose you have loved the original Euphoria fragrance in the past, but you are looking for something new that can be worn all year or at least during the warmer months. In that case, the Euphoria Spring Temptation perfume is a solid answer worth considering. Euphoria Blossom was released, but it could have been more disappointing and left fans of the Euphoria line of fragrances from Calvin Klein lacking for a long while. Luckily, when the Euphoria Spring Temptation perfume came out, it immediately had people feeling impressed again.

The Euphoria Spring Temptation perfume is sheer, fruity and floral, and the spring and summer take on the Euphoria fragrance line. The aroma is lively, refreshing, sweet and capable of exemplifying everything summer is all about. The scent reminds me of walking through an orchard full of fruit trees, breathing in the stunning citrus aromas of delicious, ripe fruits begging to be plucked from the trees.

The water notes added to the pear and the guava are a great choice because they convert the top opening notes into something fresher and more pleasant. Euphoria Blossom was initially sour and citrusy, which was a bit overwhelming, and the Euphoria Spring Temptation perfume corrects this exceptionally well.


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