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Burberry Summer Cologne Review

The Burberry Summer cologne is a recently released, limited edition of the classic Burberry Fragrance “Classic for Men”. This limited-edition version is inspired by the summer season. In the Burberry Summer cologne, you will find crisp citrus notes mixing with musk and light woods to create a scent that evokes the thought of walking throughout a verdant forest on a perfect summer day. With citrus fruit notes and suitable light woods and musk hints, this fresh cologne works well with summer wear.

Notable Notes: The most notable notes in the Burberry Summer Cologne include Tonka Bean, White Musk, Cedar, Woodsy Notes, Thyme, Frozen Mint, Citrus and Pineapple.

Recommended Use: The Burberry Summer Cologne is recommended throughout the summer, especially with daytime wear.

The Burberry fashion house is a luxury fashion house located in England that was initially founded in 1856 by a man named Thomas Burberry. The Burberry fashion house has a total of ten women’s fragrances as well as six colognes intended for men, the first of which initially debuted in the year 1981. This was Burberry for Men, followed shortly after by Burberry Touch, a perfume for women, and then Burberry Weekend, as well as Burberry Tender Touch, which was also intended for women.

The Burberry Brit cologne has turned out to be a huge success, and it continues to be extremely popular and thriving today. It was followed shortly after that by Burberry Red, a perfume for women, Burberry Brit Gold, and Burberry Weekend, a cologne for men.

Next came Burberry London, a perfume for women, and then Burberry London cologne, an accompaniment for men. These were introduced in the year 2006 and then followed up by the Burberry Summer perfume and the Burberry Brit Sheer, which came out in 2007. So now there is a Burberry Brit, a Burberry Beat and a Burberry Touch cologne for men.

The Burberry Summer cologne is a beautiful variety in a long line of wonderful colognes for men by the Burberry design house. This one smells lovely and unique, fresh but never too intense or overwhelming. You can get all the right scents without it being too strong to handle. You will want to take this one in with every breath, but it’s not so overwhelmingly strong that you’ll get a headache if you spend your entire day trying to take it in.


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