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Is it safe to buy perfume online?

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Yes, it is safe to buy perfume online! Even though purchasing perfume is secure, you must take some basic precautions to avoid buying counterfeit products or losing money on poor-quality items. Oh, there is a never-ending argument regarding whether buying perfume online is safe! For some, it may seem dangerous, but others learn the art of finding a fragrance using only their sense of smell. My take? I would instead go for the latter, but I may get there with a bit of help.

Are you on a constant quest for the scent that will make you feel rich and luxurious or the one that will bring the memories of a tropical vacation? Get expert advice on choosing the best fragrance online and explain if it is safe to buy perfume online. I have referred to Raymond King, the scent critic of ScentforMe, a pursuant author and the founder of the ScentforMe Olafactory Dream, for his insight.

But first, let’s discuss why people buy perfume online.

Convenience and Time Savings: Online perfume shopping removes the need to go to a physical store, which saves time and effort. You can sit down with your phone or computer, look for items from different online perfume shops and pharmacies, and have them delivered to your doorstep without leaving your house.

Selection and Availability: Online perfume stores offer the same perfumes and other varieties you would find in a traditional brick-and-mortar store. This is even truer when comparing niche brands, rare fragrances, or discontinued scents. Online stores have a more extensive selection.

Competitive Prices: Online retailers have lower operating costs than brick-and-mortar stores, so they can usually sell perfumes at a lower price than a local store.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations: Many online retailers allow consumers to leave reviews and even make recommendations for perfumes. This can serve as a useful guide in learning more about how a fragrance smells before you purchase it online, considering that you cannot smell it yourself.

Discreet Shopping: Buying perfumes online is a more discreet way to shop, especially for high-end product ranges or fragrances you don’t usually find in a physical store because of the high price.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying perfume online?

Advantages of buying perfume online

Competitive Prices: Here, you can get better bargains and markdowns than in department stores.

More comprehensive Selection: Perfume web stores often offer a wide range of perfumes that are not available in physical stores. You may also find niche brands or discontinued scents.

Convenience: It is difficult to understate the convenience of shopping online while you are in the warmth of your house, and what’s more, the delivered product is on your doorstep.

Disadvantages of buying perfume online

Can’t Smell Before You Buy: One of the biggest drawbacks when buying perfume while online. You are not able to test out the perfume smell on your skin. There is a workaround: you can try the perfume in a department store and then buy it online or request a tester from the online store before purchasing the perfume.

Risk of Counterfeits: However, fake perfumes might also be sold in online shops. These can be of bad quality or, worse, contain hazardous chemicals.

Here’s how to minimise risks when buying perfume online:

Stick to reputable retailers: Find online shops with an excellent track record and good customer feedback. Never buy from websites you have never heard of if the prices are much lower than the average market price.

Do your research: You can read reviews of the perfume you want to purchase to see how real people comment about the authenticity and longevity of the scent.

Look for retailers that offer samples. Some stores allow you to buy samples of fragrances before committing to a whole bottle. This allows you to judge the scent before you buy it.

Beware of imitations: Beware of fake packaging, which can look like a copy of a designer brand. Trustworthy sellers will always declare whether a product is original or an imitation.

How are fake perfumes different from authentic perfumes, and how can we avoid them?

Although cheap fakes are appealing because of their low cost, they are risky, as they expose the purchasers to health risks.

Here’s how they differ from real ones and how to avoid them:


Ingredients: These days, perfumes are made with high-grade, natural ingredients, including essential oils and extracts. Fake perfumes mostly contain cheap, odourless, or irritating synthetic substitutes that resemble the original fragrance.

Longevity: Genuine perfumes are Eau de Parfum(EDP), i.e., they contain a higher concentration of perfume oils, making the perfume last longer. Fake perfume usually contains Eau de Toilette (EDT) of a lower concentration, so the scent doesn’t last long.


Attention to Detail: Real perfumes have professional-looking packaging with clear printing, the correct company logos, and no faulty spelling or smudges. The Fakes sometimes have rough printing, discrepant fonts, or the tiniest modifications in the logos. (avoid at all costs)

Cellophane Wrapping: It is usually the case that authentic perfumes are fully shrink-wrapped, clean and come with a seal. If you receive the package and it does not have a sleeve, send it back.


Ingredient List: Many real perfumes feature a detailed ingredient list on their boxes and bottles. Replicas can have an incomplete list of their ingredients, like “fragrance”. That is a big no, indicating they don’t know or care what is inside the item.

Barcode and Batch Codes: The authentic perfumes are genuine to the description and can be verified through a barcode scan. They most likely have batch codes printed on the box and the bottle. Falsely made products could appear to have no barcode or batch code.

How to Avoid Fake/counterfeit perfumes?

Buy from Authorised Retailers: To get your perfume from trusted sellers, you should opt for major brand department stores, brand websites, or online perfume stores like ScentForMe.

Beware of Unbeatable Deals: Beware of R2000 perfumes that cost only R200 as they are most likely of inferior quality. Original perfume uses proper ingredients.

Please inspect the Packaging: Review the packaging in detail to ensure its quality, absence of typos, and consistency.

Don’t be Fooled by Similar Names: Perfume forgeries usually display names that are the same as the authentic brands to tempt you to buy them.

By being a wise and informed consumer, you can reduce the probability of buying fake perfumes and, at the same time, be assured that you will have the long-lasting, very fragrant, and wonderful smell you deserve.

Tips for Online Perfume Shopping

Shopping for perfume online can be quite an adventurous experience, and navigating the online fragrance market can be challenging. Fear not!

Do Your Fragrance Homework: Before you go to the online stores, get acquainted with various fragrance families (floral, oriental, citrus, and so on) and notes (top, middle, base) to find out which ones you are interested in. You should visit a website like or These kinds of information websites are excellent resources for perfume information.

Embrace the Power of Reviews: Online reviews are like a treasure trove of knowledge. Try to find reviews that comment on the longevity and scent profile of the skin (does it stay true or change significantly?). Keep in mind that individual body chemistry reacts differently, so a review can be helpful, but keep in mind that everybody is different.

Sample Savvy: Some online perfume retailers have considered this and now sell fragrance sample sets or single samples. This is an excellent way to test the scent before buying a bottle. It allows you to test how the perfume will respond to your skin and only buy it when you are sure you will love it when it arrives.

Reputable Retail Only: Shop at well-known online retailers that have been selling authentic fragrances for a long time. Department store sites, brand sites, and reputable perfume boutiques are all reliable platforms. Steer clear of unknown websites with suspiciously low prices. If it sounds too good to be true, they are selling fakes.

Decoding the Description: Online perfume descriptions may occasionally become a bit romantic (or even poetic), but they still hint at what to expect. Try to identify the adjectives that match your tastes. For example, if you are a girl and want a perfume you want to wear in the summer, you can go for a term like “citrus,” “light floral,” or “aquatic.”

Don’t Fear the Search Bar: Most online perfume stores offer a search bar with options such as perfume category, fragrance family, notes, brand, and even price range. Employ this resource to assist in refining your search and finding what you want.

Storage is Key: First, finding your unique perfume is essential, and then ensuring it is properly stored. Please don’t put it in the sun or near heating devices, as these can damage the product’s fragrance. I would choose a cool and dark place, like inside a vanity drawer or behind a closet shelf.


Yes, there are risks associated with online buying, but as long as you exercise the necessary precautions, purchasing perfumes through the internet is safe. By settling for trustworthy merchants, checking out the perfume both online and in a store, and knowing the warning signs of a counterfeit brand, the chances of you getting disappointed are significantly reduced. Convenience, range of choice, and the opportunity for better deals are the inherent elements of online perfume shopping.